How to use

MenoRelax Gel

How do I use MenoRelax® Gel?

Use the applicator or your finger to apply MenoRelax® Gel (wash your hands before and after). You may experience a slight tingling sensation. This is completely normal and will quickly disappear. How often you need to use MenoRelax® Gel depends on the level of vaginal dryness. We recommend to use the gel every three days, or in case of severe dryness: apply every day. Allow an interval of 2 days after each consecutive treatment period of max 30 days. First, take the cap off the tube and use the spike in the top of the cap to pierce the seal on the tube nozzle. You may prefer using the special applicator, included in the box. Simply screw it onto the pierced nozzle and leave it there. After use, wash it with lukewarm water. Do not forget to replace the cap after use, either the large one on the tube’s nozzle or the small one on the applicator.

External application

Squeeze some gel (1ml = enough to cover your fingertip) onto your index finger

Apply the gel to the vaginal opening and surrounding tissue

Internal application

Squeeze the tube gently until gel appears at the top of the applicator

Insert the applicator and squeeze gently – the required amount of gel (1ml) should be large enough to cover your fingertip (practice squeezing beforehand)

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