MenoRelax Symbio

Double treatment for vaginal discomforts

About MenoRelax® Symbio

Decrease in oestrogen levels cause the vagina to thin and eventually become drier. A thin, dry vagina is more likely to become irritated and inflamed which can result in itch, odour and unpleasant discharge. The solution is simple: MenoRela

MenoRelax® Symbio

  • Double treatment for vaginal discomforts
  • Relieves itch, odour and unpleasant discharge
  • Restores the vaginal micro flora and creates a natural pH
  • Hygienic application
  • Free of preservatives and hormones

What you should know before using MenoRelax® Symbio

Vaginal dryness due to a decrease of oestrogen can result in itch, odour, and unpleasant discharge. This can happen years before a woman stops menstruating.

MenoRelax® Symbio consists of a selected mixture of prebiotics to boost the growth of lactobacilli, a selective mixture of probiotics to colonize the vagina and buffered gel to directly install the ideal vaginal pH to prevent the growth of vaginal pathogens (germs).

MenoRelax® Symbio has no known side effects and is suitable to use with medication. Allergic reactions to any of the ingredients are rare. When in doubt, apply some gel to the inside of your forearm and leave for some time. When an itching red spot appears, we advise you not to use MenoRelax® Symbio.

MenoRelax® Symbio does not contain preservatives, hormones, silicones or ingredients of animal origin. It is non-scented, water soluble and non-staining.

MenoRelax® Symbio is a medical device, please read the instruction for use carefully before use.


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